"Mom, how does the Tooth Fairy fly through the air?"
"How do YOU think?"
"I think moms do it."
"But how can a Mom be a Tooth Fairy?"
"Good moms are lots of things, Princess."

Friday, May 7, 2010

It Goes On. And On. And On

When I enter heaven (oh, blessed day! Oh, blessed, blessed day!), I am going to find out if the creator of Mother's Day is there, and then I am going to hope that I am too full of peace and joy and love to wring his neck. And then we are going to talk timing.

Mother's Day is on Sunday. Which means we get to celebrate "Oh S*&t It's Mother's Day" (Thank you, MITT) for :

three days.

The children came home and bombarded me all at once with their gifts and cards. It was really very sweet. Really! I especially enjoyed Peanut's self-portrait:

(totally makes me smile)

and I thought the pen-in-a-flower-pot from Buddy was a very cute (and practical) idea:

After watching for a bit, Princess got out the aforementioned gift she had made:

Now, I'm going to preface the next part by saying that I don't believe Peanut has the conflicting feelings associated with Mother's Day that I think Princess experiences (although it's possible there is something related to the fact that we are celebrating the Cuddle Bear's birthday tomorrow- oh curse ye! oh Mother's Day Timing!). Which means what happened next was just Peanut, and that's why I have a bone to pick with the Mother's Day creator for making this last three days.

Peanut can't keep gifts she thinks are great a secret, so I knew she was making me a set of "coupons," and that the coupon she especially cherished was for doing the dishes for me.

Read: Peanut really, really, REALLY wants to do the dishes. Because Peanut likes to splash in water and overflow sinks. Really.

Immediately after I opened her gift, Peanut insisted I pick one for her to do. So I obliged. "Pick up all the toys," I read. Peanut's face clouded over.

"No. Pick another one."
"Make all the beds."
"No. Look at them all."

So I read them all.

"Now close your eyes and pick one."

I suppose I could have picked Wash the Dishes. If my Momming was more like my preschool teaching days, I would have. But I was paid (fairly well) during my preschool teaching days. Also there was a janitor. So I pretended I picked Pick Up All the Toys by accident.

She didn't buy it.

"Peanut, I have to say, this is starting to sound like a gift for you."
"Sweetheart, there aren't any dishes for you to do right now."
"YES THERE ARE (sweeping hand to indicate heavy ceramic mixing bowls)!!!!! AND I'M GOING TO DO THEM RIGHT!!!!!! NOW!!!!!!"
"I'm sorry Peanut. Y ou don't have permission (gently taking away the step stool, laughing my butt off while trying not to look like it and unable to resist making the next comment:). But you can pick up all the toys."

And she took my gifts back.

Well that went well.


  1. LOL, LMAO!!!! HA ha ha ha!

    Oh no, I really am not laughing at you. No really. She took all her little coupons back that is sooooo funny! Because you wouldn't pick the right one!

  2. I couldn't help but laugh too. Got to find the humor in the stress called "Mother's Day". MITT nailed it!


    Kerrie you are the best! Thanks for making my day. Someday you will both be able to laugh at that one. ;)

    I still have a note in my top dresser drawer from my Jacob, when he was 10. I found it under my door one morning (not related to Mother's Day):


    I have kept it all these years because I thought perhaps someday we could laugh about it together. I'll be keeping it a little longer than I thought. I mean, I am laughing, but he's not. He turned 16 today.