"Mom, how does the Tooth Fairy fly through the air?"
"How do YOU think?"
"I think moms do it."
"But how can a Mom be a Tooth Fairy?"
"Good moms are lots of things, Princess."

Sunday, May 30, 2010

AC Day Three; Things Are Getting Interesting

Here is today's chart. No new levels of chart sophistication have been reached.

Because I overreacted yesterday, "shut up" was the first gun Princess pulled out this morning. But I was ready.

"Oh, Princess, thank-you! I love it when you tell me what you need! I know it's really hard for you to say, "Mommy, I would rather not have any special fun or extra treats today," so you used secert code! Good job!"

"NO!!!!! I DIDN'T SAY THAT!!!!!"

"But, yes you did, Princess. You told me to shut up. "Shut up" is secret code for "No thank-you, Mommy; special fun and extra treats would be too much for me today. I'd rather just have the things I really need, like meals and clothes and hugs."

She stood there. With a horrified look on her face. Bingo.

So she did not have a particularly nice morning. She had to tell Peanut she threw Peanut's things around their room. I had her hand Peanut each item for Peanut to inspect, and had Peanut tell Princess what Princess could do to make it right. Princess ended up cleaning a doll, gluing a jewelery box, and picking up the room (the scratches on Peanut's speakers could not be removed). However, Peanut was really very upset about the jewelery box, and crawled onto my lap and cried. I told her to tell Princess how she felt. And she did. And she did not mince words.

This incident set up the next two hours, because I think Princess felt bad. Unfortunately, Princess cannot yet express that she feels sorry for her actions. Instead she blames others for the bad feeling inside her. Loudly.

So I had Princess spend some time playing in her room. We all had lunch, then I called her down to fix herself a cheese sandwich. Then I offered her the opportunity to restore some of the energy she has sucked from me like a vampire on acid by helping me clean out the Suburban. Which she took. Sort of.

HOWEVER! Did you see the hug section? Twelve! Despite all this! Rockstar!!!

The bonding activity is blank. I really thought I was going to hit them all today, but the Mom Time took it out of me. I invited Princess to pot some plants for her teachers with me for Mom Time. She said yes, turned around, went in the house, and didn't come back out. For fifteen minutes. Then she came out in high-heeled white shoes. The ones she is not allowed to play outside in. And she said, "I'm ready!"


She turned around, went in, and put on her tennis shoes.

"I'm ready!" I said, "well, I've spent most of your mom time sitting here by myself. But I guess we could do one."

After that, I honestly could not muster a bonding activity.

But later she said something voluntarily about telling me to shut up, and I asked her if she would talk with me about that a little. She agreed. I helped her list everything she lost out on by speaking disrespectfully to me. She actually got most of them. I suggested she think of a way to stop herself the next time she wants to say it. I braced myself for, "not do it," "stop doing it," "don't do it," or something as equally deep and useless. But instead she said, "take my five deep breaths." Shocked, I said, "that might work." I said, "I think you'll want to use that idea, because saying shut up is expensive for you. You lost a lot today."

She said, "you mean you'll take something every time I tell you to shut up?"

I said, "no. You'll lose everything if you tell me to shut up any times."

We finished up, and she stood up,

and she hugged me. With both arms. And her head touching me. And with squeezing.

I wouldn't let go.

And I didn't even count that one! Rockstar!

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