"Mom, how does the Tooth Fairy fly through the air?"
"How do YOU think?"
"I think moms do it."
"But how can a Mom be a Tooth Fairy?"
"Good moms are lots of things, Princess."

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Idea Box Ideas

Here is a semi-condensed list of the Ideas in Princess's Idea Box. Keep in mind she is seven chronologicaly and about four emotionally. I generated the card by thinking of things she likes to do and things I would like to be easier for her. Guess which ones she picks more often. Yep! So here they are:

Story Starters
*Write a story about...
   something that happened in first grade
   Buddy/Peanut/the Cuddle Bear/Mom/Dad
   your birthday party
   a time you felt mad/happy/worried/excited/sad
   something you did in Daisy Girl Scouts
   something you did with K
   Read your Journey Book (Girl Scouts) and answer some questions

Arts and Crafts
*Draw a picture of...
   swimming in a pool
   a day at the beach
   your favorite thing to do with Mom/Dad
   playing in the sprinkler
   going shopping
   a camping trip
   going fishing
*Work on your weaving loom
*Use your Aqua Dots

*Make a meal/cookies/ocean of sea creatures with playdough
*Use foam stickers to make a critter
*Ask Mom to do your I Am Special card
(this was the brain child of Dr. S. The card has four statements: "I am smart! I am special! I am successful! I am somebody!" I put a Skittle on each sentence for the child to eat after they've said it. This becomes really fun after your children have done it for a while, because they will chant it in the ophthalmologist's office while one child is having her eye tests done, causing the staff to wonder if you run a small cult)

Pretend Play/Toys
*Put on "make up" and change your hair
*Build a house with Legos
*Pretend a baby doll needs to go to the doctor
   "going out for ice cream" with Playmobils
   "haircuts" with Ponies
   "pizza party" with Ponies
   "wedding" with Playmobils
*Dress your dolls and give one a birthday party
*Make a puppet show

*See how many times you can jump rope/skip ball without missing. Tell Mom your best one
*Ride your bike
*Fill the wagon with bark. Dump it in the garden
*Run three laps around the garden
*Spread Hyperdash out far. See what your best time is

*Jump 50 times on the trampoline. See how high you can go
*Dig a deep hole in the sandbox
*Draw hopscotch. Play it.

So, with any luck, it'll keep her busy for the summer


  1. I did not realize our girls are the same age! I think if P can do all those things she is doing better than Genea. However, I have not tried the story writing and a few others. Good chance I am underestimating her and will give them a shot.
    Could you put these all on some note cards for me?

    (jk, lOL)

  2. I read the post on the idea box last night I think... and I was wondering what sort of idea's you put in there..... now I know lol... thanks I think this is a wonderful idea... did you aim the cards at the emotions which challenge Princess? Im going to make up an idea's box to... and a big thank you your blog has encouraged me a number of times.... keep the good work up

  3. @ Rachel: I chose a mixture of stuff she likes to do and stuff she has trouble with. She never pretend-plays, for instance, because she doesn't know how to make a story "go." Ditto on the writing. She's used one pretend card and never went back, so I'm going to revise them to include a script. The outdoor stuff is stolen from occupational therapy's "heavy work" to help regulate her. And the makeup one makes me gag.

    @ Essie: Ha! You're assuming she DOES the writing cards! Nope. Not one. As far as underestimating goes, I thought Princess actually waaaay behind in reading for almost the whole school year. Nope! Not so! She just won't read for ME. Yay!

  4. Thanks Kerrie... my husband and I talked about this idea yesterday morning ... we are going to try it..... for both our kids..... mine know how to pretend play and its over the top...cause they where left to do as they pleased most of the time.... we have to just get the right things down...but thank you so much this is an awesome idea....