"Mom, how does the Tooth Fairy fly through the air?"
"How do YOU think?"
"I think moms do it."
"But how can a Mom be a Tooth Fairy?"
"Good moms are lots of things, Princess."

Thursday, August 12, 2010

So Roll Out the Red Carpet

Rachel at Select All + Delete shot me an award. So here are seven things about myself, whether you wanted to know them or not:

1. I have an irrational fear of birds. I won't even go in the poultry barn at the fair anymore; there's a turkey in there that has it out for me.

2. I can't understand language before my first cup of coffee. No, I am serious.

3. I like doing laundry.

4. I get really, really, upset when the boxes the kids' things come in get ripped up.

5. I cannot have Toaster Strudel or Little Debbie products in the house because their voices call sweetly to me until I have eaten the whole box.

6. I like the kids' Bandz bracelets more than they do.

7. I eat chocolate syrup with nothing under it.

Passing it on to:

Bridges. Because she really is awesome, and not just because she's my cousin. Although there's no shame in having a great set of genes. Go read her.


  1. You know, I like those bracelets more than my kids do to, LOL! I wear them and play with them and the kids never touch them.

  2. I love doing laundry too and I thought Little Debbie only called my name...