"Mom, how does the Tooth Fairy fly through the air?"
"How do YOU think?"
"I think moms do it."
"But how can a Mom be a Tooth Fairy?"
"Good moms are lots of things, Princess."

Monday, August 9, 2010

Is it "Two Steps Forward and One Step Back, " or "One Step Forward and Two Steps Back," Because I'd Really Like to Know if I'm Gaining Ground or Losing it, Here

Everything I gained this summer in the pe.e department has been flushed down the toilet. As a figure of speech.  I went into the laundry room to start a load, and there were the shorts Princess didn't change out of at bedtime last night, the shorts that had been sitting on my sofa until I told Princess to go to the bathroom and put on clean clothes. Lately she's been pe.eing her pants so she can throw them at me when she's mad, but this; this is more like it used to be.

At least they were in the laundry room, where pe.e clothes are supposed to be deposited. I guess I haven't lost everything. Yet.

So I'll have to get out the waterproof mat again. And I'll have to make her sit on it, even when we have company. And I'll have to boot her off the sofa and carpeting when she doesn't. Again.

I suppose it's because of the impending move. But does it even matter? If it weren't the move, it would be school starting next month. Or a camping trip. Or Vacation Bible School. Or being out of peaches. It's. Always. Something.

This is me. Tired. Near the end of a difficult summer. Ack.


  1. It IS always something. How lucky she is to have you for a mom, though, right? Good moms ARE a lot of things. You are one of those golden, strong, rare, noble, (and yes, tired) moms. It only feels like two steps back because you can't see the whole picture from where you stand (past AND future). God sees, God knows, and you will be rewarded for your tenacious endurance and goodness. *hopping off my soapbox now*

  2. Kerrie I hear you one the two steps forward half a dozen back.... I seem to being doing the same on the peeing front to.... I have just not 5 mins ago found a soggy wet diaper in Bops room... and that was after she told me she was dry .... more fool me for trusting her with the truth..... Your not alone ...and you do a awesome job with your kids.....

  3. Poor baby! Take a deep breath and watch this http://www.welcometomybrain.net/2009/07/oh-what-you-do-with-pee.html

    Then watch this http://loolooland.blogspot.com/2010/08/time-to-laugh.html

    And you should feel better!

    Mary in TX